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  Multi Award Winning Driver Safety Authority 
High Performance Driving MASTERCLASS Talks
Expert Coaching on Road, Circuit and Proving Ground
's, Dealerships, Motoring Venues
Keynote Speaker | Presenter Roles | Consultant
     40 + years of delivering the Finest Driver Coaching

“As far as driving is concerned, Paul Ripley is God".
Steve Fowler, Editor in Chief, Auto Express

"Known as "God's Chauffeur" Paul is certainly one of the worlds most highly qualified expert on all aspects of driver safety".

Peter Hall, Motoring Editor The Daily Telegraph

“I read your driving safety articles in the telegraph every week and pass them down to my family. They are truly excellent Paul".
HRH Prince Michael of Kent

"Paul has become the country's standard setter and is a recognised driving expert with unparalleled qualifications,

experience and safety record".

Steve Norris - UK Government

Transport Minister

Creating Expert Safety Solutions for all Drivers & Companies. 



About Us


Paul Ripley is a multi award winning driving safety expert who works with companies of all sizes to raise safety standards, improve driver behaviour and wellbeing and implement road risk intelligence methodology. These interventions help manage and mitigate risk and lower crash causation, insurance claims and save costs.

In his early career, Paul become a major force in the high performance driver training industry, where he trained test drivers from many of the world's top car makers, including Aston Martin, Rolls Royce, Lotus, Bentley and Hyundai in South Korea as he grew his well respected Paul Ripley Driving Courses and Paul Ripley Promosport businesses. Eventually Paul's business expanded in operating global car launches and large driving events for Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Volvo, Porsche, VW, Renault, BMW amongst others.


It was Mike Brewer (the TV star of 'Wheeler Dealers' fame) who christened Paul 'The Driving Doctor' when he appeared as the Driving Safety Guru on Channel 4 TV's "DRIVEN" programme along with Mike, Penny Mallory and Jason Barlow.  Paul has also featured on several Safer Driving Series on Yorkshire Television and other nationwide TV stations.

Paul has many 'industry firsts' to his name and his pioneering approach to driver safety improvement has been rewarded with a significant collection of coveted industry awards that recognise his stand out exploits to make driving safer for everyone.  

Amongst these, Paul was awarded the coveted HRH Prince Michael Special Road Safety Award for his significant contributions to road and driver safety improvement.

Paul has the distinction of being called 'God's Chauffeur' by The Daily Telegraph, in which he wrote a hugely popular, weekly Safer Driving column for almost a decade. 

He is also the published author of the well respected advanced driving book "EXPERT DRIVING" which is widely used by those wanting to improve their driving and mental approach to safety"

Paul once again turned innovator when he was the first driving expert to introduce the use of telematics data to helps drivers with educational interventions based on data acquisition. This hit the mark perfectly as Paul created a way to coach drivers to significant safety improvement, lower crash causation, fuel consumption and insurance claims. For his ground breaking work in this field, the road safety charity BRAKE, awarded him the 'Best Fleet Safety Innovation Product Award' in 2018 and again in 2019.  

Paul has historic industry credence and through his matchless reputation, he was the person the media trusted for expert comment when Princess Diana was tragically killed in Paris in 1997 where he appeared on many TV networks globally. They wanted answers and expert comment from a driver safety expert they could trust. The media chose Paul then, just as they do now. 



Journalism | Content Creation | Driver Safety 'Nudges’ | Expert Articles, Features and Editorials

Need some punchy driver safety or driving safety articles writing or wanting to enhance safety amongst your drivers by featuring pertinent and inventive psychological ‘nudges’ to improve their safety and wellbeing?  

Paul is your experienced provider who has historical credence in writing thousands of informative and innovative articles, chock full of riveting and engaging content for your drivers to engage with a great learning environment that Paul creates.

You're in safe hands with Paul.  He wrote a weekly driver safety column for the Daily Telegraph for 10 years. He also writes for Auto Express and many other industry leading publications.  Call with your requirements.

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Master Educator on Driver Safety DNA - Pro Active Risk Management - Tool Box Talks - 

A hugely topical subject that affects many drivers. But through Pauls experience on this important matter, he offers tailor made solutions that engage with your drivers and senior management alike, that promote positive (power) thinking and well planned mental toughness aspects that grow confidence, optimism and an upbeat approach that develops into a great ‘Can Do Attitude!’ 

Emotional trauma, along with attitudinal and spiritual overloads, play a crucial role in how we face life and manage the way we appear to others.  Inside they could be crumbling, so be prepared to be shocked that some of your driving staff could be near suicide.  How important is it that you show compassion towards their 'state of mind' and do them justice as employees, who are core assets to your business.

Driver wellbeing has become a significant ‘trauma of mindfulness’ for many, primarily due to a series of life challenges such as stress, home-life, fatigue, lifestyle choices and a disruptive feeling that they are alone.  We ensure them that it’s OK to ask for help and through a series of powerful seminars and mental toughness talks, we influence and guide their thought processes into a positive outlook and actions.  

Don't see what you're looking for?

Call us for a chat about your specific company requirements as we offer a broad array of subject matters that we can design and formulate a plan of action to ensure your requirements are met.

Topics such as;  High Performance Driving Masterclass, Company Driver Safety Audit, Fleet Policies and Processes, Driver Distraction, Corporate Driver Safety Strategies and Road Safety Project Management for your company.

We look forward to hearing from you. 

Paul's unique experience, reputation and services are trusted by an astonishing array of the world’s top companies, organisations and prominent car manufacturers.

Paul provides expert, independent consultancy and through his expertise, offers a select array of best practise services that fit closely around road risk intelligence, the crucial Human Factors behind driver safety behaviour, mental toughness, health and wellbeing.  


From articles to public speaking engagements, from road risk to peak performance talks and from driver distraction to driver fatigue and mental resilience.  


When only the best will do, Paul is your choice for getting the job done. 

Give Paul a call about your requirements.

Keynote Speaker - 'Achieving Peak Performance' - Product Launches - Sales Team Performance - Mental Toughness, Resilience and Wellbeing - Driver Safety DNA  

Paul is the experienced choice for your speaking engagements and events. You may simply want to reignite your sales teams performance, need an experienced presenter for a product launch or developing mental toughness, resilience and well-being for your employees.   

His influential talks are chock full of enlightenment, engagement and informative element that keep the audience engaged, participating and learning. They leave with new aspirations. New motivation. And with more confidence in themselves to achieve 'their' peak performance.

Talk to me about being part of your next company get together. 
Let me bring your event to life – so it means something truly special?

Call for further information.

Driver Training - Online Risk Assessments - Driver Safety Podcasts and Seminars - Driver Distraction

Paul was called the 'leading light' in the driver training industry by Steve Norris (Dept for Transport Minister).  Having been in this space for 40 years, his expertise in this area is unrivalled.


Whist its always a good thing to brush up on skills and to enhance knowledge acquisition, any training course worth its salt has to include the 'Human Factor's' elements of the attitudinal, behavioural and emotional aspects that are critical for safe driver performance.

Developing a healthy attitude to safety and being in control of emotional stability are absolutely key to safety improvement.  behind the wheel.  Ask Paul about our Driver Safety DNA attitudinal and behavioural courses to ensure your drivers are tuned into how to create and master safety behind the wheel.   

Special Audience with "God's Chauffeur!" 

Paul offers highly specialist audiences that are not available through any other outlets or provider.  These dig deep into Driver Safety DNA and behaviours and solutions of how to maximise safety in all key essential areas and aspects.  Only from the UK's leading player in these critical safety matters.  You'll hear from the man himself and having Paul in your business can be the real game changer you've been missing.


Speak directly to Paul with your ideas / requirements.  


Paul enjoys a prestigious career in driver safety journalism.  From The Daily Telegraph to Auto Express - from his published book 'Expert Driving' to EVO magazine and many more...

Ask Paul about writing driver safety, road risk, driver behaviour or mental toughness articles or appearing on Podcasts for your company or publication.


PODCASTS featuring Paul

Paul Ripley - Festival of Road Safety Podcast on Driver Distraction caused by Drivers Phone Use

Paul Featured on Auto Express Podcast - talking about his career.  Jump onto the Auto Express website and listen to Podcast #23 with Steve Fowler and Vicki Butler Henderson - both of who spent time with Paul honing their skills. 

Meet the Fleet Experts - Paul Ripley Podcast

Paul featured on the first Meet The Fleet Experts run by the Fleet Services Group

Paul's Work Experience 

Paul's unique experience, reputation and services are trusted by an astonishing array of the world’s top companies, organisations and prominent car manufacturers.  Paul brings you market leading expertise.

When only the best will do, Paul is the only choice! 





DVSA ADI (Grade 6)

DIA Diploma Di


MDG Grade 1

RoSPA ADA Diploma

C&G 730 Teaching Diploma

High Performance Course

MDG Diploma High Performance Driving

IAM Advanced Driver

Grade A DVSA Cardington Advanced Test,

MDG Masters Degree (Human Factors)               

Mercedes Benz Advanced Chauffeur Master (Melshiem)

DIA Diamond Advanced Instructor 

Performance Coaching Diploma (Sir John Whitmore)


"Paul Ripley is the guy we always turn to for expert comment on driving techniques".

Peter Tomalin, Managing editor,

EVO magazine

“I first met Paul on his high performance driver

training course in 1988 and immediately understood why even the most accomplished professional drivers referred to him as "God's Chauffeur". Indeed if there is a better driver on the road, I have never met him, or her, in more than 20 years as a motoring journalist. Almost certainly the world's best qualified driving expert, Paul also possesses an enviable ability to educate and coach others, as recognised by the numerous motor manufacturers and other organisations that have employed him to teach car control and advanced driving skills. His knowledge, experience and passion are unmatched. Paul is almost certainly the world's best qualified driving expert."  

Peter Hall, Editor AA Members Magazine

“As far as driving is concerned, Paul Ripley is God"

Steve Fowler, Editor in Chief,

Auto Express

Driver Education Special Award Press Release

His name has become synonymous with expert safe driving and his regular appearances on Channel 4's 'DRIVEN' programme, coupled with several safer driving series on Yorkshire and Granada Television has raised his profile and status within the industry and motoring public.

He is a market leader in such driver safety and training issues and rightfully proud of his long established and enviable reputation as the best in the industry.

Paul received a Special Award from HRH Prince Michael of Kent in recognition of his outstanding contribution to driver safety. For many years, he has written a weekly  'Safer Driver' column in The Daily Telegraph where his influence and practical advice have made many thousands of motorists safer. HRH Prince Michael of Kent.

“Paul Ripley has an unprecedented historical trail in this industry along with unsurpassed road risk experience which his peers can only look up to. The Daily Telegraph was spot on when they described him as "God’s Chauffeur".

Bryan Morley, BCCS, Vancouver Canada

“Paul Ripley. This man is a legend”!

John Malamatenios PhD

Queen Mary University London


You'll notice a recurring theme on these 'Paul Talks' videos. That theme is Safety, Safety and Safety!  The videos portray Paul's thoughts and stellar work in driver safety and driver behaviour. That's been Paul's passion for more than four decades.  Listen to his wisdom, experience and

expertise on many subjects relating to driving and driver safety.    

Paul Talks about "Becoming Known as The Driving Doctor."

Channel 4's DRIVEN programme commissioned Paul to join the well known team of presenters, including Mike Brewer (Wheeler Dealer fame), Penny Mallory and Jason Barlow.  Paul was the hugh performamce driving instructor coaching members of public about improving safety behind the wheel. 

Paul's stellar career has been recognised in many ways for his role in driver safety improvement over 4 decades. Here's a selection of the awards he has won over the years for the significant difference he's made to many thousands of drivers in keeping them safe behind the wheel.

As Paul says; "Safety is Paramount - Life

is Precious."

PAUL RIPLEY is the Founder of; 

Paul Ripley Driving Courses

Paul Ripley Promosport (Car Launches | OEM Events)

Road & Track Performance Driving Academy 

Paul Ripley Media

Master Drivers Guild

Paul Ripley Expert Witness 

Advanced Road Drivers of Canada (ARDCAN

Paul Ripley Drive (Brands Hatch Circuit)

Driver Risk Dynamics

The Driving Doctor


Paul Ripley - Driver Safety DNA

"Known as "God's Chauffeur" for his astonishing skill, impeccable smoothness and uncanny powers of observation behind the wheel, Paul is one of the world's most highly qualified experts on all aspects of road driving. To see him at work is a life changing and quite possibly, a life saving experience."

Peter Hall, Motoring Editor, The Daily Telegraph

“I read your driving safety articles in the Telegraph every week and pass them down to my family.

They are truly excellent Paul"

HRH Prince Michael of Kent

"Paul has become the country's standard setter and is the  recognised driving expert with

unparalleled qualifications, experience and safety record."

Steve Norris, UK Government

Transport Minister

Thankfully, Paul has made me a safer, more thoughtful driver who now gets more enjoyment out of every mile he drives. He is, without doubt, the number one in

his field, but the best bit is he's a

joy to learn from. Paul earns five stars on the good bloke scale too!"  Steve Fowler, Group Motoring Editor in Chief, Dennis Publishing, London

"As an advanced driver coach Paul is without equal. His breadth and

depth of knowledge in all aspects of driving, vehicle dynamics and road safety is absolutely unparalleled.

In anything and everything to do with driving and road safety, if you want the best in the business, look no further, Paul Ripley is your man."

George Boyter MA

The International Guild of Specialist Engineers

"I am sure you have saved many lives Paul, you are a legend Sir."

Neil Catton MSc, CFIOSH MIIRSM Safety & Risk Consultant

Paul Talks about "Attitude and Safety."

Listen to Pauls thoughts on how important our attitudes are to the driving safety equation.  Its not always having a great skill set that keeps you safe.  Far from it. It's the way you 'think and feel' and 'act and react' to outside problems we meet on the road, that makes you safer behind the wheel.   

Paul Talks

Paul Talks about "How The Mind Controls Safety."

Did you know that driving safety is NOT a skill set but a mind set?  Paul talks about the attitudinal, behavioural and emotional elements that play havoc on driving safety and what you need to know to challenge yourself to ensure emotional stability behind the wheel.

Paul Talks about "Experience and Safety."

As Paul says, surprisingly the more experience a driver has, doesn't mean it improves their attitude or driving behaviour.  Improving skills and gaining knowledge acquisition, takes precedence over coaching drivers that a friendly and healthy attitude is the most important element of safer driving 

Paul Talks about "Driving Psychology."

In the past, improving driver safety was all about enhancing drivers skill sets.  This thinking is now totally incorrect and outdated.  Paul cites that when he took a degree in driver psychology and philosophy and studied the causation of drivers aggression, hostility and retaliation - these aspects have literally nothing to do with skill.  Its all about the human factors - listen to learn more.

Paul Talks about "His Driving Background."

Paul talks openly about a life changing experience of crashing his Lotus Cortina when he was an enthusiastic (out of his depth) young driver and, having nearly killed himself, was the 'lightbulb' moment that changed his life forever.  Play the video to see what happened next!

"Paul Talks about Safety, Safety and Safety!"

This is one of Pauls most memorable sayings - "the 3 most important things in driving are safety, safety and safety,  If I missed anything, it would be safety"!  Find out why that is and how you too will come to embrace this motivating aspect of Pauls work in safer driving.

Paul Talks about "Behavioural Safety."

Here Paul talks about how our behaviour behind the wheel affect our safety and how to stay in control of any outcome through well honed behavioural traits and methodology.  Hear what he says about avoiding conflict with other road users and how and why this is so important.  

Paul Talks about "The Mind is Boss!"

Listen to Paul's thoughts on the dangers of poor and unsafe attitudes and how this aspect significantly affects safety.  Also his words of wisdom mention how to create a platform for drivers to asses and evaluate their own driving performance.




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